What is SARD Anti-Cheat?

SARD Anti-Cheat is a software designed to identify and prevent cheating and hacking in PC MMO games. It employs a combination of traditional kernel-based tools and advanced AI/ML modules to maintain fair gameplay, safeguard the interests of game publishers, and promote vibrant online gaming communities.

How does SARD Anti-Cheat software work?

During gameplay, SARD continuously receives information about the connection between the Game Server and Game Clients, thus being able to detect anomalies instantly. Whenever any suspicious activity or user behavior is detected, the software promptly flags the player for further investigation. The further application of penalty system is tailored to each game client's specific needs, aligning with their individual game policies.

Is SARD Anti-Cheat safe to use?

Yes, SARD Anti-Cheat is absolutely safe to use. It solely focuses on monitoring game data and does not collect any personal information from the players. The software has undergone extensive testing and currently is trusted by thousands of players worldwide.

Can SARD Anti-Cheat be disabled or uninstalled?

No, SARD Anti-Cheat cannot be disabled or uninstalled. This is to ensure that the game remains fair and competitive for all players. Any attempt to disable or manipulate the Anti-Cheat software will result in a sanction from the game.

Does SARD Anti-Cheat affect game performance?

SARD is designed to have a minimal impact on game performance. While it may use additional system resources to monitor game data, the impact is generally negligible. Even on older or less powerful PCs, the reduction in frame rates during gameplay is minimal.

What kind of information does SARD Anti-Cheat gather from the player?

The SARD Anti-Cheat collects exclusively essential game data for the sole purpose of detecting and preventing cheating. This data comprises details about the player's in-game behavior, any modifications made to game files, and other relevant game-related activities.

Does SARD Anti-Cheat monitor computer processes when I am not playing the game?

No, SARD Anti-Cheat is designed to solely monitor game data while the player is actively playing the game. Once the player exits the game, SARD Anti-Cheat stops running or monitoring any computer processes.


How does the SARD Anti-Cheat AI module work?

SARD AI is purpose-built to detect cheats in games and employs an AI module that has been trained using data provided by the game. This training enables SARD AI to identify a wide range of cheats effectively. SARD AI utilizes image processing, mouse movement analysis, and keyboard input tracking to understand and learn typical behavior exhibited by legitimate players. By establishing a baseline of normal player behavior, the system can then flag any abnormal activities or deviations from this baseline.When SARD AI detects suspicious behavior indicative of cheating, it provides actionable insights to game administrators or developers. These insights can be used to take appropriate actions against cheaters, such as issuing warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans from the game.

What happens with all the data that SARD collects?

SARD Anti-Cheat monitors and collects a variety of data to ensure fair gameplay and detect any attempts of cheating. The monitored data includes information on running processes, system configurations, and game files, as well as player behavior, including movements, shooting actions, and other in-game activities. The collected data serves the purpose of detecting cheating behavior and providing evidence to game publishers.Game publishers have access to this data through the SARD Anti-Cheat admin panel. This enables them to monitor player behavior, investigate potential cheating incidents, and take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of their games. However, we prioritize ensuring that publishers can solely utilize this data for legitimate security purposes and do not share player data with any third parties.We understand that player data is sensitive, and we take every precaution to ensure it is protected. Our data storage and handling practices are regularly reviewed and updated to meet industry standards and comply with relevant data protection regulations.

What is the efficiency rate?

SARD Anti-Cheat aims to provide a highly efficient and reliable anti-cheat solution for PC MMO games. Our system has a proven track record of effectively detecting and preventing various types of cheats. Currently our team proudly provides a 99% of efficiency and accuracy rate. Meanwhile, our team works continuously to improve the efficiency of our system through regular updates and maintenance.Furthermore, our reverse-engineers keep a close eye on cheat forums to stay up-to-date with new violations and quickly address any breaches. This allows us to promptly detect and prevent cheating and ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Why is SARD better than most popular anti-cheat providers?

SARD Anti-Cheat offers the following advantages over other popular anti-cheat solutions:SARD combines the best of kernel-level protection with the advanced AI/ML modules ensuring high accuracy and efficancy SARD is highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of each game. SARD has a team of experienced staff who are dedicated to providing premium level support to the clients. SARD is game engine agnostic and game genre agnostic, which makes it easy to integrate with existing games.

What game engines is SARD compatible with?

SARD is compatible with all game engines, including popular ones like Unreal Engine and Unity, that use C or C++ languages. SARD is designed to be compatible with the most widely-used game engines for creating games.

Does SARD work on Steam?

Yes, SARD anti-cheat works on Steam. It is compatible with many popular game platforms, including those used to develop games for the Steam platform. Game publishers can easily integrate SARD into their games available on Steam to help prevent cheating and ensure a fair gaming experience for all players.

What kind of support does SARD Anti-Cheat provide to game publishers?

We offer dedicated support to game publishers who use our anti-cheat software. This includes 24/7 technical support, assistance with integration, and regular updates to ensure that our system remains effective against the latest cheating techniques.

How long does SARD store players' data?

SARD Anti-Cheat retains players' data for a duration specified by game publishers and developers. This time frame is essential for conducting thorough investigations or making necessary enhancements based on the stored data. All data is encrypted and securely stored to maintain the privacy and integrity of player information. Only game publishers and developers have access to this stored data, which is solely used for the purpose of upholding fair gameplay standards and ensuring the overall security of the game environment. This data retention policy adheres to industry best practices, safeguarding both player interests and the integrity of the gaming experience.

Are player’s privacy and personal data protected?

Yes. Player privacy is one of our top priorities. We only analyze data during gameplay, focusing solely on game data inputs. Our SDK doesn't reside on the player's computer, and it doesn't examine players' devices or installed software. No personal data is transmitted, and all communication is encrypted. Additionally, the game account identifier is anonymized from SARD's perspective and is known only to the Game Publisher.