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Welcome to SARD Anti-Cheat: Your Gateway to Fair Gaming

Armed with advanced AI and ML modules, SARD Anti-Cheat is here to deliver an unbeatable protection for your PC games.

SARD Anti-Cheat empowers game developers and publishers with advanced technologies to prevent hacking and cheating in their MMO games.

Why Settle for Anything Less? Choose SARD Anti-Cheat and Boost Your Game's Success!

Future-Forward Solution

SARD Anti-Cheat combines robust kernel-based tools with AI and ML modules to provide future-proof game security with adaptive defense and precise detection capabilities.

AI Anti-Cheat Technology by SARD SARD Anti-Cheat's Future-Forward Solution combines AI and ML for effective, fair gaming security.

Customizable Settings

You can customize and adjust the configurations of SARD Anti-Cheat to fit the needs of each of your games, providing optimal protection for each gaming environment.

Customizable Anti-Cheat by SARDSARD Anti-Cheat's customizable settings for tailored protection in MMO and PC games

Premium Customer Support

At SARD, we're committed to delivering premium 24/7 customer support. From setup to ongoing maintenance, we're here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

24/7 Support for SARD Anti-Cheat SARD's 24/7 Customer Support's seamless integration for the best anti-cheat solution in video games

Exploring SARD Anti-Cheat

Our dedication to fair play and game integrity is reflected in the performance metrics of SARD Anti-Cheat

99.99% Efficiency

Due to its advanced algorithms, SARD accurately identifies cheaters and hackers, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment for all players involved.

0.001% False Positive Rate

We keep disruptions to genuine players at a minimum, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay experiences.

24/7 Premium Support

The SARD team is committed to delivering 24/7 premium customer support, assisting from setup to ongoing maintenance.

SARD Anti-Cheat effectiveness
SARD Anti-Cheat effectiveness
SARD Anti-Cheat effectiveness
SARD Anti-Cheat effectiveness
SARD Anti-Cheat effectiveness
Visual representation showcasing SARD Anti-Cheat's dedication to fair play and game integrity through exceptional performance metrics

Performance is our driving force, and fair play is our ultimate goal

In the past month alone, SARD Anti-Cheat has achieved remarkable results in combating cheating and maintaining fair gameplay. Here's a glimpse into it


Detected Bots, Cheats, and Hacks


Player Accounts Monitored


Banned Users

SARD Anti-Cheat Performance MetricsVisual Illustration for SARD anti cheater detected bots, cheats, and hacks

With the dynamic combination of C++ and C#, our SDK empowers seamless integration with games of any engine or genre. Furthermore, SARD seamlessly integrates with third-party development platforms, providing a hassle-free experience.

Perks of SARD that Add Value

Customizable Game Protection Icontailored security by sard anti cheater ensuring secure gaming environment

Tailored Protection

Your game, your rules! With SARD you can decide the level of strictness for each game in line with your business needs and game requirements

Connection Encryption by SARD SARD ensures a secure connection with dynamic encryption, safeguarding data for uninterrupted gaming

Strong Encryption

Enjoy a secure and reliable connection with dynamic encryption on communication channels between the client and server. Your data is protected, ensuring a seamless experience

Anti cheater detection reports SARD's real-time monitoring promptly detects and reports anomalies, ensuring fair gameplay

Real-time Reporting

Real-time monitoring system, proactively overseeing players' behavior promptly reporting any anomalies that may indicate cheating

Anti cheat software peculiarities SARD's user-friendly admin panel allows seamless system management for efficient administration

Convenient Admin Panel

User-friendly admin panel, providing a convenient interface for managing and configuring the SARD Anti-Cheat system according to your specific requirements

Anti-cheat solutions for gamesSmooth gaming client with SARD, ensuring full system efficiency and robust protection

Lightweight Client

Enjoy a gaming experience that remains effortlessly smooth and maintains full system efficiency

Cheating in gaming solutionsEasy integration anti cheat against hacking in games

Smooth Integration

Enjoy hassle-free integration and keep your focus on what matters most, the gameplay.We will handle the rest

Our Games

SARD Anti-Cheat proudly protects 10+ online games, fostering a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. We provide tangible benefits to gaming companies by reducing cheating, increasing game revenues, and enhancing player satisfaction.